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Student Membership

You get unlimited access to free membership content.   Free membership provides access to online quizzes. You may take each quiz once per day.  Earn badges based on your quiz score.  Return each day and attempt to improve your score.

Price: Free!

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Instructor Membership Provides:
– Use of one of the competency based exams.
– Testing of all students (max 200 annually per exam).
– Printed reports of student quiz scores and competency based exam score.

As a member your students will be able to take one of the competency based exams. Each student will only be able to take the exam once. Each exam is time limited to 90 minutes and varies in length from 50 to 75 questions. Each exam is designed to meet national and industry standards. Click courses above for an outline of each course exam.

Student Quiz
Instructor Membership expands the number of questions presented in each quiz.  Instructors will also receive results of student quiz scores.

Student Resources
Any student who visits AETT.org and creates an account will have access to quiz materials for each major area. At the end of each quiz the student grade is displayed on screen.   If the students score is 70% or higher they will receive a badge in their account for that quiz.

To keep the exam materials secure each instructor must request an exam before it is made available. Member instructors must log into their account and request the exam.  The link to the online exam will become active within 48 hours of the request. The requested exam will be available for 30 days after the request.

Instructor Membership is Annual.

Instructor Membership costs:  $395 per certification exam.  All students from the instructors class may take the exam.

Only instructors/teachers at verifiable education institutions will be granted Instructor Memberships.  For information on membership complete the form below

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